The REMÜV Ball is a first-of-its-kind, hand-held water disinfection device. Developed by top experts in the field with experience from Bell Laboratories, Boeing, Motorola, and many other Fortune 500 companies, the REMÜV Ball is a smaller, more efficient and easier device to use than other UV-C devices.

Water is a necessity for all life. Using its groundbreaking UV-C LED technology, REMÜV seeks to make it possible for people all around the world to have safe, potable drinking water at the touch of a button. The compact size and high-volume disinfection capacity makes REMÜV perfect for the trail, world traveler or use in any emergency situations. REMÜV can disinfect 1L of water in 90 seconds and can be used in hundreds of applications that require disinfection, including personal water bottles, backpack bladders, coolers, large water containers, and the list goes on. Read on to get a look at how it works and why REMÜV is one-of-a-kind.

What It’s Made of and Features

The REMÜV ball is durable and lightweight with food grade ABS plastic shell. The double walled polycarbonate construction makes the ball durable in the most extreme conditions and the ball’s contoured docking surface gives easy access for recharging. Soft touch rubber contact pads in the lid keep the ball from shifting or rattling when locked.  REMÜV weighs in at 35g with a disinfection capacity of 20 Liters (ball only). Four LED indicators display the remaining battery life percentage and a two-way viewing window in the lid shows recharge status and battery level of the ball while still closed. Recharge anywhere with the waterproof micro USB port. The ball accepts power from any USB wall wart, computer USB, USB capable independent battery pack or solar power source.

The Tech behind it

The REMÜV ball is made with brand new, cutting edge Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology that emits germicidal Ultraviolet-C spectrum (UV-C) light at a peak wavelength(λ) of 280nm. The ball contains three high power germicidal UV-C LEDs with a proven 99.9999% efficacy. With its high-power rechargeable 400mA Lithium ion polymer (LiPo) battery and independent charging case, REMÜV can yield 100L (25 gal.) of potable water per charge with 20L disinfection capacity per charge (ball alone). The ball comes with its own independently powered protective charging case that has its own 1,500mA LiPo battery providing 4 recharges of the ball. Paired together, the additional battery capacity allows the entire system (ball and case) to carry 100L of water disinfection capacity in a 2in X 3in package that fits in the palm of your hand.

Step by Step of How to Use it

  1. Power on REMÜV and select your desired run cycle. The REMÜV ball comes equipped with two preprogrammed run cycles. A long run cycle for volumes up to 2 liters and a short run cycle for volumes up to 1 liter
  2. Drop REMÜV into your water and go! The REMÜV Ball is programmed to run independently and turn itself off when it’s done. The indicator on the top of the ball will show you when the run cycle is done! (90 seconds per Liter)
  3. Drink! You can leave the REMÜV Ball in your water until you are ready to refill or take it out using the magnetic retrieval lanyard and put it back in the case.