Cutting-edge UV LED water purification at the touch of a button!

REMUV is revolutionizing water disinfection by harnessing the power of germicidal ultraviolet light capable of destroying illness-causing microorganisms. Unlike most UV purification systems, REMUV is as small as a golf ball but has a whopping 31 gallon (120 liter) treatment capacity per charge, making it perfect for the trail, travel, or emergencies.


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Coming summer of 2020

About Us

REMUV is a first-of-its-kind hand-held disinfection device

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How It Works

REMUV uses cutting edge technology
to disinfect your water

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How REMÜV Works

The REMÜV Ball is a first of-its-kind, hand-held water disinfection device. Developed by top experts in the field with experience from Bell Laboratories, Boeing, Motorola

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