Our Story

REMUV™ was founded in 2018, in Denver, Colorado. We are more than just a team of entrepreneurs and engineers. With the Rocky Mountains in our backyard, we are, at our core, adventurers and travelers whose passion for exploration fueled the creation of REMUV.

“We believe that life-saving water should never be
out of reach!”

– Braden Reiber, CEO –

After a top-of-the-line water treatment system failed to protect him from the microscopic parasite Giardia, our founder assembled a world-class team to create the REMUV™ UV water purification system, a smaller, faster, more reliable way to produce safe, clean, drinking water.

“As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, leading scientists are looking to UV technologies for answers.”

When the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit, REMUV™ developed an autonomous UV disinfection robot capable of navigating through any facility, (school, gym, office space etc.) decontaminating the air and contact surfaces with germicidal UVC light.

“We believe a full-scale implementation of our technology will save countless lives by limiting human exposure to harmful microorganisms.”