COBRA Autonomous UV Disinfection


REMUV is revolutionizing disinfection technology by harnessing the power of germicidal UV light capable of destroying illness-causing microorganisms

When the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020, REMUV™ decided to rethink the applications of our UVC LED technology.

We partnered with an autonomous aerial drone developer, to create an AI-driven robotic UV disinfection platform dubbed the COBRA. The COBRA is capable of autonomously navigating through any facility, decontaminating the air and contact surfaces with germicidal UVC light.

In July 2020, REMUV™ had the opportunity to present the COBRA platform to the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Chemical Biological Center where we were awarded a three (3) year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) for continued R&D of our proprietary technology.

At REMUV we are leveraging cutting-edge UVC LED technology and next-generation AI robotics to push the boundaries of what is possible and pursue truly innovative life-saving technologies.

Braden Reiber


COBRA’s Key Features:

Dedicated AI navigation and control system

  • Stereoscopic visual detection system
  • Real time UVC exposure feedback mapping
  • Omnidirectional wheel mobility platform
  • 360 degree UVC LED decontamination system
  • Deployable UVC LED array arm (for tough-to-reach areas)
  • Programmable touchscreen user interface
  • Set-and-forget operational programming
  • Motion tracking safety protocol
  • Onboard rechargeable battery for cordless operation
  • Wall plug rechargeable and optional recharging docking station

The COBRA is equipped with a dual-camera (stereoscopic) visual navigation system replicating human binocular vision.

COBRA then creates a 3D visual map as it moves through its environment which is used to track line-of-sight exposure of the UVC emissions.

The AI then adjusts the COBRA’s path to account for any unexposed surface.  

The COBRA is equipped with an omnidirectional (Mecanum) wheel drive system allowing navigation in any direction.

Each wheel is driven by an independent powertrain and is made up of rollers set at 45° to the wheel plane and 45° to the axle line. This allows the propelling force to be vectored into rotational and linear (both longitudinal and transverse) relations to the COBRA chassis.

The COBRA is equipped with two operational modes, autonomous and manual. In manual mode, the operator interfaces with the COBRA through a tablet-based control system that allows the operator to:

  • Manually drive the unit
  • Program desired travel paths
  • Enter navigation constraints
  • Input UV dose requirements
  • Make line-of-sight calibrations

In autonomous mode, the user simply turns the system on and initiates a disinfection cycle. From there, the onboard AI will pilot the COBRA and run the decontamination systems, as needed. In autonomous mode the user can:

  • Power on/off system
  • Make adjustments via the touchscreen display
  • Initiate a safety deactivation
  • Take over manual operation via the system mode button