About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016, in Denver, Colorado, we are more than just a team of entrepreneurs and engineers. With the Rocky Mountains in our backyard, we are, at our core, adventurers and travelers whose passion for exploration fueled the creation of REMUV™.

“We believe that life-saving water should never be out of reach!”

– Braden Reiber Founder and CEO –

After a top-of-the-line water treatment system failed to protect him from the microscopic parasite Giardia, our founder assembled a team and set about creating a smaller, faster, more reliable way to produce safe, clean, drinking water. Packed with intuitive features and an unparalleled lifespan REMUV™ is there for you wherever your travels may take you.

Trust us when we say, we would never ask you to take a sip of water that we wouldn’t drink ourselves.

Our own thirst for illness-free adventure has produced a culture dedicated to quality. We know from experience that rugged and reliable gear really does make the difference, and that’s why we spent years testing REMUV™ both in independent labs and on trail. We are proud to say REMUV™ kills up to 99.99% of harmful microorganisms, meeting the Water Quality Association’s standard for safe drinking water.