Let’s start with a little background on Ultraviolet light!

Most of us are familiar with the UV-A and UV-B bands of light that are naturally produced by our sun. We use UV-A & B blocking sunscreens and wear UV-A & B protective sunglasses to shield ourselves from these potentially harmful rays. But did you know there is also a third band of naturally occurring UV light, called UV-C? No?

You may be in the dark about UV-C because its rays never actually make it to the earth’s surface, blocked by the Ozone in our atmosphere. And it’s a good thing too! UV-C light is germicidal by nature, able to obliterate any cell’s DNA by passing through the cell’s nucleus and colliding with the DNA inside. Once the DNA is shattered, harmful microorganisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa or fungi are effectively neutralized, no longer able reproduce or grow and cause infection.

Harnessing germicidal light to kill the harmful microorganisms in your water is where REMUV comes in.

To learn more about UV-C light and LED technology follow the link below to our LED vendor RayVio

The REMUV System

We created the REMUV Ultraviolet water purification system to be superior to any traditional handheld UV water treatment product on the market. To do this, we ditched the outdated Mercury bulb, and equipped REMUV with three, state-of-the-art, UV-C LEDs by RayVio.

Using newly available LED technology we went smaller than previous UV devices, creating an ultra-lightweight, extremely rugged and completely hands-free system. Then we went a step further, packing in intuitive features to take the guess work out of purifying your water! Thanks to its patent pending “Smart Sense” technology REMUV automatically gets to work the moment it hits your water. Once deployed, REMUV floats to the top of your container before instinctively aligning its three germicidal LED’s down through your water, disinfecting every drop.

And just so there’s never a question about when your water is safe to drink, REMUV has three indicators integrated into the unsubmerged half of the ball, giving you real time feedback about the status of your treatment.

REMUV’s carrying case comes with an integrated battery backup for recharging on-the-go. With a total treatment capacity of 25 gallons (120 liters) when fully charged, REMUV’s recharging case will help you reach the extra mile! The case is made of rugged ABS plastic and includes a waterproof Micro USB, and a battery level indicator at the touch of a button. A removable magnetic paracord lanyard can attach your device to a backpack while also simplifying water retrieval of the device.

So, How Does REMUV work?