Question: How long will the REMUV unit last, do I need to replace bulbs or batteries?

With REMUV there is never a need to replace bulbs or batteries. REMUV uses Truviolet™ LED technology with a max lifespan of 10,000 hours. And REMUV runs on an internal rechargeable Lipo battery eliminating the need to change out batteries. With proper care REMUV will provide 18,000+ liters of safe drinkable over its lifetime.

Question: How long will the battery charge last?

REMUV’s batteries provide 120 liters of clean drinkable water before needing to be recharged.

Question: How do I charge REMUV in the middle of nowhere?

REMUV can be recharged by any USB compatible power source including: wall plugs, computer USB ports, backup battery packs and solar power supplies.

Question: How big is REMUV?

The REMUV UV device is 1 3/4” in diameter and weighs 38g (1.3oz)

The REMUV case is 2 1/2” X 3 1/2” long, and weighs 92g (3.2oz)

Question: How do I keep dirt and other particulate out of my water bottle when filling?

We recommend pre-filtering your water when using REMUV with our pre-filter cap. The pre-filter cap and other REMUV accessories can be found on our online shop

Question: Where is this product made?

REMUV is made in the USA, right here in Colorado.

Question: Does REMUV add harmful chemicals to my water?

No, REMUV’s UV water purification is a non-additive water treatment process that works by emitting Germicidal UV light into your water to kill harmful microorganisms.

Question: How does the “science” work?

For a full description of how REMUV’s UV purification technology works please visit our How It Works page

Question: Is your product durable, will it break if I drop it?

REMUV was designed for the outdoors, constructed with water-safe, durable ABS plastic and aircraft grade aluminum, REMUV can stand up to just about anything you can throw at it.

Question: How do I retrieve the REMUV device from my water bottle?

REMUV comes with its own carrying lanyard that also doubles as a retrieval tool.

  • To use: Simply dangle the magnetic end of the retrieval lanyard into your water bottle. Once the magnet in the lanyard grabs the magnet in the UV device gently pull the device out of your bottle.
  • CAUTION: do not use the magnetic lanyard to carry the device.
Question: What do I do if I receive a unit that doesn’t work? Who do I call?

REMUV is covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers any defects. To start a warranty claim please contact customer service.

For additional issues please note the error code displayed on the UV device and have it with you when you contact customer service.